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Vision Statement and Principles

The TPLUS Advisory Committee formulated an overall vision statement intended to set the tone for development of the toolkit document and its content (also see Appendix B: Advisory Committee and Public Outreach Process). Following is the vision statement developed by the TPLUS Advisory Committee endorsed by the TAM Board:

Envision a future for Marin County with a safe, efficient multi-modal transportation system and a broad range of housing choices, including housing which is affordable to the full range of our workforce and community, with a compact development footprint and minimal environmental impacts.

The TPLUS Advisory Committee laid out the six principles listed below to further identify and clarify the goals of the TPLUS program, and these goals have been endorsed by the TAM Board. Each principle is associated with benefits that are expected to flow from their implementation in Marin County. A detailed discussion of each principle and specific land use, transportation, and quality of life related benefits can be found in Appendix A: Marin TPLUS Vision Statement and Principles. The principles are:

Principle 1 Principle 1:
Create a well-connected multimodal transportation system and network of places that reduces the reliance on single-occupancy automobiles and integrates pedestrians, bicycles, and transit.
Principle 2 Principle 2:
Target new development to areas that are already developed, particularly locations that can be effectively served by transit.
Principle 3 Principle 3:
Create compact community places with a diverse mix of uses through infill, redevelopment, and reuse of developable property.
Principle 4 Principle 4:
Provide Marin residents and workers with quality housing choices that address their broad range of household types and incomes.
Principle 5 Principle 5:
Design a network of human-scaled places that fit the distinct character of Marin’s communities and environment.
Principle 6 Principle 6:
Coordinate land use- and transportation-related planning efforts and decision making in Marin to promote the vision and principles of the Marin TPLUS program.




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