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Regional Policies for Accommodation of Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities in Transportation Project Planning, Design, Funding and Construction



MTC Resolution 3765 calls for all projects funded through MTC’s programs and fund sources to consider the accommodations of bicyclists and pedestrians in planning, design and construction. The resolution specifies that project sponsors complete the Routine Accommodations Checklist when the project is submitted to MTC for funding. The checklist is intended for use on projects at their earliest conception or design phase so that any pedestrian or bicycle consideration is included in the project budget.

Use of the Checklist

The Routine Accommodation checklist is intended for project sponsors to disclose information about how they have considered bicyclists and pedestrians in the planning and design of transportation projects and to provide a vehicle for discussion about specific accommodations. The countywide Bicycle/ Pedestrian Advisory Committees (BPACs) will be responsible for reviewing the reported accommodations.

Congestion Management Agencies (CMAs) will make completed checklists available for review by countywide BPACs and notify the BPACs when the checklists are available on the web. Checklists for specific projects can be placed on the agenda for BPAC meetings, although they do not require BPAC approval. BPAC’s should direct questions or concerns arising during checklist review to the project sponsor.

MTC will conduct a periodic audit of selected checklists in detail to determine whether the checklist and other provisions in the MTC resolution are encouraging routine consideration of non-motorized travel needs.

More Information

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Projects are posted on the MTC website and sorted by County. To review the project checklists click the following link: 

Last updated: 5/6/2009 10:42:50 AM