12/12/17: Expenditure Plan Committee Presents Plan to Maintain Local Funding Sources for Marin-Specific Projects and Programs

An Expenditure Plan Advisory Committee (EPAC) met from June to December 2017 to develop a plan to extend the existing ½-cent transportation sales tax and consider expanding the sales tax. The committee consists of 24 residents, including Citizens’ Oversight Committee members, representing a diverse array of interests in Marin County.

The EPAC received broad education about the current ½-cent transportation sales tax and learned from a variety of agencies about current programs and unmet transportation needs. Based on this information, the EPAC worked to develop and refine draft expenditure plans that culminated with a consensus recommendation to pursue a 30-year extension of the ½-cent sales tax to be placed on the ballot in November of 2018. The recommendation built on the success of the current transportation sales tax, approved in 2004, and maintains the core structure to provide the following funding:

  • 7.5% for Highway and Interchange Improvements
  • 26.5% for Local Streets and Roads
  • 11% for Safe Routes to Schools, Education, Infrastructure, and Crossing Guards
  • 55% for Local, Rural, Student and Special Needs Transit

On December 11th, 2017 the TAM Board of Commissioners unanimously elected to move forward with outreach to receive input from the community and stakeholders about the draft expenditure plan, transportation needs and priorities. Public and stakeholder input and a public opinion survey will inform refinements to the draft expenditure plan.

For additional information, background, and details, see the following documents, and reports below:

Draft EPAC Proposal Factsheets – 12.11.17

Expenditure Plan Extension Dec 11 TAM Meeting Presentation

Expenditure Plan Outreach – Likely Next Steps (updated 2/12/18)

Expenditure Plan Proposal-EPAC

Staff Memo – EPAC Presentation and Authorization for Next Steps

2018 Public Opinion Poll Results Presentation

2018 Public Opinion Poll Results – Top Line Report


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