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Survey/Form Review
Street Smarts Marin Community Questionnaire
1. Are you a resident of Marin County?*
2. If you answered yes to the previous question, please indicate which city/town in which you reside.*
3. Do you think the attitudes and behaviors of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians in Marin are a problem?*
4. If so, do you think a public education program addressing those behaviors can encourage positive change?*
5. Which of these messages have you seen and remembered recently in your or neighboring communities?*
Have SeenEffective
Thank You For Slowing Down
Get Smart, Slow Down
Children Crossing, Please Slow Down
Stopping Is Part of Driving
Let Pedestrians Cross, Then Take Your Turn
It's Called a Crosswalk, Not a Cross-wherever
Spandex Isn't Armor, Exercise Caution
Share the Rules, Share the Road
Same Road, Same Rules
(Your Community) Supports Street Smarts, Drive Bike Walk Smart
6. These messages are part of an educational campaign called Street Smarts Marin. Before today, were you aware of the Street Smarts Marin program?
7. If you answered "yes" to the previous question, where have you heard of the campaign? (Check all that apply)*
8. Have you attended a Street Smarts Traffic Safety Presentation?*
If yes, where did you attend a presentation?
9. How effective did you find the presentation?
10. How effective do you think the Street Smarts campaign is (or will be) in encouraging positive change in your attitudes and behaviors while driving, bicycling and walking?
11. Would you like the campaign brought to your community?
12. Other comments or ideas for how we could improve Street Smarts Marin?

13. Contact Information (Choose phone number and/or e-mail). This information will only be used for the purpose of replying to you if you wish to be contacted about the Street Smarts Marin Program.
Your Name
E-Mail Address
Phone Number
Would you like to volunteer to spread the Street Smarts message? Learn how by contacting Dan Cherrier at or (415) 226-0829.
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