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Starting September of 2017, TAM and Lyft began offering a $5 off discount for all “Lyft Line” rides to and from SMART stations in Marin County. Through the promo code “GETSMART17” passengers using Lyft’s ride sharing service, Lyft Line, will receive discounted rides to and from SMART stations.

The program is designed to support access to and from Marin’s new SMART stations, and encourage carpooling options in order to reduce congestion and pollution. Lyft Line is part of the rideshare company’s application that matches passengers taking a similar route. The technology provides an effective, real-time way to encourage and enable carpooling for first and last-mile access to Marin’s new fixed rail service. 

TAM has partnered with local nonprofit Whistlestop to ensure this service is available to all users, including providing rides with wheelchair accessible vehicles.

How the TAM Lyft Ride Program Works

To receive the up-to $5 discount, participants must:

  1. Download the Lyft App and Register for an Account.
  2. Use Lyft Line option on the Lyft app, allowing passengers on a similar route to share the ride.
  3. Enter the promo code GETSMART17 to receive up-to $5 credit on up to 40 trips a month.
  4. For those without smart phones or those who need a wheelchair accessible vehicle, call Whistlestop at 415-454-0998 to arrange for your Lyft ride. Rides are encouraged to be scheduled in advance. Be sure to mention the GETSMART17 program.
  5. Begin or end the ride at a SMART station in Marin County during the SMART hours of operations Monday through Friday.

Novato North Station
Hamilton Station
Marin Civic Center
Downtown San Rafael

6. Passenger must pay for the first $2 of their Lyft Line ride, and TAM will cover up to the next $5.