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Street Smarts Marin is a traffic safety program that educates drivers, pedestrians and cyclists about safety issues, including distracted driving. The program’s goal is to encourage people to adopt new attitudes and behaviors that will reduce the number of traffic-related accidents and make our streets safer for everyone.

In addition to providing educational materials and presentations, the program focuses on placing outdoor advertising at “hotspots” throughout Marin County – bold reminders at the locations where traffic problems occur most frequently.

TAM brought the Street Smarts Marin Program (originally developed by the City of San Jose and partners) to Marin in 2008 in response to requests from local cities and towns for a traffic safety education program. Since then, approximately 30 communities in Northern California have implemented Street Smarts programs, and many across the state have adopted similar programs.

Learn more at the Street Smarts Marin website

The Street Smarts Marin Program is funded by Measure B

Street Smarts Marin is managed for TAM by Parisi Transportation Consulting. For general program questions, email info@streetsmartsmarin.org.

To contact your city/town’s Street Smarts Marin representative, please visit the Street Smarts Marin website contact page.