TAM Board Members

Section 103.2 of the TAM Administration Code states that the Board shall consist of one Commissioner from each Marin City and Town Council appointed by their respective Councils (11 Commissioners total), each of whom is an Elected Official and five Commissioners from the Board of Supervisors, each of whom is an Elected Official. Each Commissioner from a City or Town Council also shall have a designated alternate appointed by their respective Councils, each of whom is an Elected Official who shall attend meetings of the Board in the event that the Commissioner is unable to attend. Each Commissioner shall be appointed for a term of four years.


Section 104.5 of TAM’s Administrative Code states that Commissioners shall not be compensated for attending meetings. Commissioners shall be compensated only for necessary traveling and personal expenses incurred in the performance of such Commissioner’s duties as are authorized by the Board.

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Alice Fredericks

Affiliate: Town of Tiburon
Phone: 415.435.7377
Term: Expires 2020

Judy Arnold

Affiliate: County of Marin District 5
Phone: 415.499.7331
Term: Expires 2020

Kathrin Sears

Affiliate: County of Marin District 3
Phone: 415.473.7331
Term: Expires 2020

Katie Rice

Affiliate: County of Marin District 2
Phone: (415) 473-7331
Term: Expires

Damon Connolly

Affiliate: County of Marin District 1
Phone: (415) 473-7354
Term: Expires

Daniel Hillmer

Affiliate: City of Larkspur
Phone: (415) 927-5110
Term: Expires