1/24/18: Richmond-San Rafael Bridge 3rd Lane - Expected to Open in April

Motorists traversing the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge will be pleased to know that some relief is in sight – the 3rd lane eastbound on the Richmond San-Rafael bridge is expected to open in April of 2018. The project, funded by the Bay Area Bridge Toll Authority, will convert the eastbound shoulder into a working traffic lane during evening rush hour to provide more vehicle capacity and reduce congestion approaching the bridge.

Keen-eyed motorists will notice new electronic signs installed overhead just as the two decks merge. These signs will indicate whether the lane is open to traffic or closed. Testing of the signs is underway, and motorists can expect to see intermittent testing until the third lane is officially open.

Construction began in early 2017 and has included some literal moving of mountains, including moving a 50-foot-high retaining wall in Richmond to improve sightlines for motorists and realigning and raising the Main Street on-ramp from San Quentin Village. Additional elements include Replacing pavement on the bridge approaches to accommodate heavier traffic loads and constructing a barrier-separated bicycle/pedestrian path from Castro Street in Richmond to Point Molate.

View video update of the project.

More information on the project website.

Page last updated: 2018-01-24

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