TAM Board of Commissioners

TAM’s Board of Commissioners is the governing organization of TAM and is made up of 11 members who are public officials and are appointed by each of Marin County’s cities and town councils, as well as five members from the County Board of Supervisors. Each member serves a four-year term.

Key Responsibilities

  • Administering the expenditure plan, to provide for the design, financing, constructing, and implementation of the programs, and to determine the use of sales tax revenues in conformance with the parameters established in the expenditure plan
  • Preparing, adopting, implementing, and administering the congestion management program as the designated congestion management agency for the county
  • Applying for and appropriating grant or grants under any Federal, State, or local programs for assistance in developing any of its programs
  • Contracting for the services of auditors, appraisers, engineers, attorneys, planners, financial consultants, and such other persons as it deems necessary


TAM Board members receive no compensation, including salary, meeting fees or stipends, health and retirement benefits, equipment from the agency. Latest information reported to the State Controller’s Office can viewed by clicking the following link:
View the Local Government Compensation Report for TAM Elected Officials.

TAM Board members are eligible to receive reimbursements for actual expenditures related to TAM business activities. Section 3 of TAM’s Financial Management and Accounting Procedures states that:

“Eligible claimants for reimbursement of authorized expenses include TAM Board members and employees. Authorized expenses mean those expenses as described in this procedure incurred by eligible claimants directly connected with authorized TAM business, travel, meetings, conferences, and training eligible for reimbursement. Authorized TAM business, travel, conferences, meetings, and training means any activities which have received specific authorization as described in this policy.”

TAM Board members must obtain written communications from the Board Chairperson and Executive Director confirming the need for the business activity. In order to be reimbursed for the expenditures, the Board member is required to complete the agency’s reimbursement request form and provide itemized receipts. The reimbursement request will be reviewed by the Board Chairperson and confirmed by the Executive Director prior to reimbursement.

There were no expense reimbursements for any of the TAM Board members in 2023.

Election Process

Form 806 – Agency report of public official appointments

Click on a Board of Commissioners’ name to contact them.

Belvedere: Nancy Kemnitzer, Council Member

Corte Madera: Eli Beckman, Council Member

County of Marin: Mary Sackett, Supervisor District 1

County of Marin: Katie Rice, Supervisor District 2

County of Marin: Stephanie Moulton-Peters, Supervisor District 3

County of Marin: Dennis Rodoni, Supervisor District 4

County of Marin: Eric Lucan, Supervisor District 5

Fairfax: Chance Cutrano, Council Member

Larkspur: Gabe Paulson, Council Member

Mill Valley: Urban Carmel, Council Member

Novato: Rachel Farac, Council Member

Ross: Teri Dowling, Council Member

San Anselmo: Brian Colbert, Council Member

San Rafael: Kate Colin, Mayor

Sausalito: Melissa Blaustein, Council Member

Tiburon: Alice Fredericks, Council Member


Date: Fourth Thursday of each month

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Location: Marin County Civic Center, Room 330,

3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael, California.

For specific meeting dates, please check the TAM Calendar.

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