About TAM

The Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) plays a major role in improving the quality of life for Marin County residents and developing and maintaining the economic viability of our local region by funding transportation projects and programs that improve mobility, reduce congestion, and provide a transportation system with more options for those living, working, visiting and traveling in Marin County.

Thanks to Marin County voter support of transportation funding, we have two revenue sources that are dedicated to transportation projects and programs in Marin County. TAM administers the expenditure plans for Measure A, the ½ cent sales tax measure passed in 2004, renewed as Measure AA in 2018, and Measure B, the $10 Vehicle Registration Fee passed in 2010. TAM also serves as Marin’s Congestion Management Agency and is responsible for coordinating funding for many of the transportation projects and programs in the County.

TAM coordinates the diverse mix of projects and programs that are necessary for improving overall mobility, including roads, highways, sidewalks, Safe Routes to School, bicycle lanes, transit and alternative commute options.

Our Mission

TAM is dedicated to making the most of Marin County transportation dollars and creating an efficient and effective transportation system that promotes mobility and accessibility by providing a variety of high-quality transportation options to all users.


Service Area

TAM works with 11 cities and towns in Marin and the County of Marin