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TAM Directs $82,000 to Help Buy Open Space in Sausalito As part of environmental mitigation to compensate for the unavoidable impacts to Irwin Creek from the Highway 101 Gap Closure project, TAM has contributed $82,000 to close a funding gap and enable the purchase and preservation of an environmentally rich parcel of land in the Sausalito hills.

Open Space Sausalito has been working with the City of Sausalito to acquire and dedicate 2.1 acres of land, known as the Lincoln-Butte parcel, as open space. The City of Sausalito owns 50% interest in the land and the remaining interest was owned by a private party. The total purchase price of the private interest was $225,000 and OSS Sausalito has been conducting a successful fundraising drive to purchase the parcel.

The $82,000 from TAM helped fulfill our mitigation requirement and allowed Open Space Sausalito to purchase the ownership rights from the private party. The City has dedicated their interest to fully preserve the property as open space.

This land is a rich wildlife corridor and is excellent habitat for numerous plant and animal species and migrating birds. We are pleased that these highway mitigation funds could be spent on a local Marin conservation need.

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