Charles Lee

Town of Corte Madera, Council Member

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Corte Madera Town Hall
c/o Town Clerk
300 Tamalpais Drive
Corte Madera, CA 94925

Councilmember Charles Lee is a lifelong Bay Area resident and has lived in Corte Madera for many years with his wife and three boys. He considers the opportunity to raise a family in Marin and Corte Madera to be a blessing. “It offers superior safety, prosperity, and educational opportunities that I strive to protect and enhance.”

Councilmember Lee is a licensed Architect in the State of California, and has a Master’s Degree in Architecture from California College of the Arts. His experiences have afforded him a well-informed perspective on how to evaluate and communicate the issues impacting our town and help through using creative facets and problem-solving pathways. Initially he used these skills on the Corte Madera Planning Commission starting in 2017. He felt it was rewarding working with applicants, residents and town staff to offer guidance and decision-making for the future direction of Corte Madera. He also contributed to the resilience advisory committee, which helps guide the climate adaption plan for Corte Madera by examining the current and future needs of the town to maintain services regarding sustainability, reliable energy, fire prevention, flood control, wetland restoration, schools and safe transit. As a Town Councilmember, his goal is to help residents and staff create a healthy and sustainable legacy for the present and for the future that will set a shining example for greater influence in the region and the state.

Charles Lee also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Sanitary District No. 2.