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sr37 traffic

Trucks carrying freight to and from the Port of Oakland and other destinations share the road with the rest of us. Freight movement is essential to our regional economy, but brings with it environmental and public health issues that need to be addressed. As part of the Plan Bay Area 2040 development process, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) produced a new San Francisco Bay Area Goods Movement Plan. The goods movement plan provides recommendations for projects, programs and policies to improve the efficiency of goods movement, while reducing impacts on communities.

TAM staff, along with the Sonoma County Transportation Authority and partners from Napa and Solano participated in both technical and policy discussions throughout the development of the plan. TAM and its partners successfully made the case for specific improvements needed on Highway 37  and Highway 101/Marin-Sonoma Narrows to be included in the goods movement plan.

For more information about the San Francisco Bay Area Goods Movement Plan, visit MTC’s website

MTC conducted and funded this study with participation with the Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC).