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North south Greenway freeway walkway

The North-South Greenway Gap Closure Project is part of a regional effort to create a more extensive non-motorized transportation network in Marin County. It closes a key pedestrian and cyclist gap between the Central Marin Ferry Connector and the existing multi-use paths at the intersection of Old Redwood Highway and Wornum Drive. The project has been developed in two segments, the Northern Segment and the Southern Segment to allow work to begin sooner.

In partnership with SMART, Caltrans, the City of Larkspur, the Town of Corte Madera and the County of Marin, TAM is leading the development efforts for the Northern Segment.  The Southern Segment is currently on hold until additional funds can be identified.

Caltrans awarded the construction contract to Disney Construction and will manage the construction project for the new path over Corte Madera Creek. Construction started in February 2021 and is expected to be complete in approximately one year.

View the project website for construction photos and further details.



Available Funding

The project is funded using Regional Measure 2 funding, which is a result of the 2004 voter-approved $1.00 toll increase of the seven state-owned toll bridges in the San Francisco Bay Area. The funds were redirected from the abandoned Greenbrae Interchange project.

Additional funds have been added to the project including, Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA), Transportation Development Act (TDA) and Senate Bill 1 funds.

planning map north-south greenway project

View construction photos on the project website.

north-south greenway southern railway tracks

Southern Segment

Path will be along the railroad tracks

N-S Greenway bike path

Northern Segment

Improvements will be made to the walkway


Bill Whitney
Principal Project Delivery Manager, TAM