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fairfax bus stop

TAM supports Marin Transit with funding from Measure A . Marin Transit is the organization that provides local transit services within Marin County, including local and rural bus and shuttle service, and transit services for seniors and those with special needs. Marin Transit’s infrastructure and other investments are guided by the Short-range Transit Plan.

Transit providers contracted by Marin Transit include Golden Gate Transit, Marin Airporter, MV Transportation, and Whistlestop Transportation for local bus and paratransit services.

Learn more at the Marin Transit website

Marin Transit has several funding sources, including Measure A funds, which are managed and distributed by TAM.

% Allocation of Measure A Funds Funding
Local service: 37% $170.1
Rural service: 3% $13.8
Special needs service: 9% $41.4
Transit capital expenses: 6% $27.6
TOTAL: 55% $252.9