electric vehicle plugged in and charging

Public Agencies get a Boost from TAM to Support Electric Vehicles

TAM’s program continues to provide rebates for public agencies to install electric charging stations and convert to clean fuel fleet vehicles. Recently TAM has provided rebates to the County of Marin, the Town of Tiburon and the Kentfield School District.

Rebates from Marin’s $10 Vehicle Registration Fee help support clean air vehicle adoption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Rebates include:

  • The County of Marin received $6000 towards the purchase of a solar powered, portable vehicle charging station. The Envision Solar EV ARC will supply clean, renewable energy for the County fleet’s clean electric vehicles. See the County of Marin Press Release.
  • The Town of Tiburon received $2500 towards the purchase of an electric vehicle to replace a retired combustion engine fleet vehicle.
  • The Kentfield School District received $4350 towards installation of a dual head electric vehicle charging station.


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