Regional Measure 3

Regional Measure 3: Bay Area Toll Increase to be considered by CA State legislature and Bay Area voters

TAM Identifies Marin Projects for Potential Future Bridge Toll Funding

Transportation Authority of Marin has identified a suite of projects to be considered for potential future toll revenue funding.

In December, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, MTC, announced their intent to pursue legislation in 2017 allowing them to place a measure on the ballot in 2018 to increase tolls Bay Area toll bridges to fund transportation projects. The toll increase would require a 50% approval by voters. Projects funded by the toll revenue must show a nexus – a benefit – to the toll bridge users who pay the fee.

MTC is determining what Bay Area projects would be funded by the toll revenue, beyond bridge maintenance and operations. TAM and other county Congestion Management Agency have submitted candidate projects.

View presentations about candidate projects presented to the TAM Board.

  • San Rafael Bettini Transit Center
  • Marin-Sonoma Narrows
  • State Route 37
  • Interchange Improvements
  • Transit Capital Projects
  • Bike and Pedestrian Program of Projects

The candidate pools recommended by TAM to MTC are described as follows:

Tier One:

  • Bettini Transit Center Permanent Relocation – $25M
  • US 101/I-580 Direct Connector Project– $135M (existing footprint Curve Connector) – $255M (Hillside Connector)
  • US 101 Marin Sonoma Narrows Carpool Lane and Multi-Use path system – $42M – $75 M (bridges all rebuilt)
  • State Route 37 Multi-Modal Corridor Project – $20M (among 4 counties)

Tier Two:

  • Highway Interchange Improvements
  • Highway 101 Transit Capital Elements (Transit Access, Bus On Shoulder and Park and Ride Improvements)
  • Bike and Pedestrian Program of Projects
  • Marin Transit Local O&M Facility

Opportunity Candidates:

  • Bike and Pedestrian Candidates (same group as above)
  • Local and Regional Transit rehabilitation needs
  • Local Streets and Roads rehabilitation needs
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