Starting Tuesday, Sept. 12! TAM Partners with Lyft and Whistlestop on “GETSMART17” a $5-discount for Lyft Line to/from SMART Stations in Marin


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TAM has partnered with Lyft to provide a discount of up to $5 off for ride using Lyft’s multi-passenger Lyft Line to get to and from SMART Stations in Marin County.  The program is designed to offer an additional way to get to and from SMART stations beyond driving alone, walking, biking or current transit options. Expanding access to SMART through shared mobility options like Lyft Line reduces congestion and pollution. Lyft Line matches passengers taking a similar trip and provides a real-time way to encourage and enable carpooling.

TAM’s partnership with Lyft provides travelers a convenient, on-demand option to get to and from SMART. Users will download the Lyft App, enter the promo code “GETSMART17” and will have access to a $5 off ride for their trip. The $5 discount is expected to reduce parking demand at stations, and provide access to Marin Destinations.

The “GETSMART17” $5 off coupon will be available for Marin Lyft Line trips to and from a SMART station after an initial $2 ride fare is reached.  Lyft Line is a shared ride service, meaning riders will receive lower cost trip by sharing a ride with other passengers, thus reducing the cost for each passenger.

The pilot program is expected to be in place for at least 6 months and is targeted to be available on the first day of SMART service. The program is funded by Marin’s $10 annual Vehicle Registration Fee passed by Marin County Voters in 2010 to maintain local streets and pathways, improve transit for seniors and persons with disabilities and reduce congestion and pollution.

How It Works

To receive the up-to $5 discount, participants must

  • Download the Lyft App and register a lyft account.
  • Enter the promo code ”GETSMART17”
  • Use Lyft Line option on the Lyft app, which allows passengers on a similar route to share the ride
  • Rides must be within the Marin county Service area and begin or end at SMART stations in Marin County including:
    • Novato North Station
    • Hamilton Station
    • Marin Civic Center
    • Downtown San Rafael
  • Begin the ride during the SMART hours of operation Monday through Friday

TAM has partnered with Whistlestop to provide ADA services for individuals with disabilities, and schedule rides for individuals without access to cell phones. Advance scheduling for these services is requested. For more information, please contact Whistlestop at (415) 454-0998.

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