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Walking and bicycling, are integral parts of our local transportation system offering a wide range of benefits including supporting healthy lifestyles, congestion reduction, and air quality benefits. In addition, communities that are “walkable” are generally perceived to be more desirable places to live. The towns, cities and many residents of Marin County are committed to making bicycling and walking an integral part of life in Marin County. Therefore, each town, city and the County has a master plan to ensure and guide the development of more bicycle and pedestrian networks.

TAM works with the County and the cities and towns of Marin to create a more cohesive, accessible and safer network for bicyclists and pedestrians. TAM currently is facilitating a coordinated update of bicycle and pedestrian master plan updates and expects to complete this process in 2017. Each local agency manages the adoption of its plan. TAM also engages with regional partners including Caltrans, ABAG and MTC to support regional bicycle and pedestrian plans and improvements as they relate to Marin County.

The bicycle and pedestrian plans update process is funded by California’s Transportation Development Act (TDA) Article 3, which provides annual funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects, among other supplemental funding sources.