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san rafael richmond bridge

There are three projects working in concert reduce congestion and improve connectivity on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. The projects include:

Adding a third lane (open in 2018) to eastbound I-580/Richmond-San Rafael Bridge from Sir Francis Drake Boulevard to Marine Street during the peak period (Funded by BATA)

Adding a bicycle/pedestrian path separated by a movable median barrier to the north side of the upper deck of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, connecting Contra Costa and Marin County as part of the Bay Trail (Funded by BATA)

Improving local access from Marin County to the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge and reducing associated congestion on northbound US-101. Local access improvements will include Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, completed in 2018 and Bellam Boulevard, expected to begin construction in Spring/Summer 2019 (funded by TAM)

local road traffic

To reduce congestion on eastbound I-580 from Marin County to Contra Costa County, BATA funded the project to convert the right shoulder to a third freeway lane from the Sir Francis Drake Blvd. on-ramp to the Marine Street (Richmond Parkway/Point Richmond) exit. The third eastbound lane was opened in April 2018 and resulted in significant congestion relief and travel time savings for the eastbound afternoon commute. 

To provide a bike/pedestrian link between the two counties, BATA is establishing a multi-use path on the north side of I-580, including the upper deck of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, with movable concrete barrier to separate bicyclists and pedestrians from westbound freeway traffic.

Both initiatives are designed to be four-year pilot projects. The third eastbound vehicle lane was opened in April 2018 and the multi-use path on the upper deck is expected to open in summer 2019.

BATA is working in partnership with the California Department of Transportation, the Contra Costa Transportation Authority and the Transportation Authority of Marin.


richmond bridge

TAM is planning, designing and funding improvements to local roads to improve access to the 3rd Eastbound Lane on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. Improvements to Sir Francis Drake Boulevard and Bellam Boulevard are being developed to reduce peak period congestion and delays associated with getting to the bridge from local roads and northbound 101.

Local road access improvements are cooperative effort between TAM, Caltrans, MTC, Golden Gate Transit, Marin Transit, the County of Marin, the City of San Rafael and the City of Larkspur, the goal of this project is to improve access for cars and cyclists to the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge from Marin County, while also improving local access to adjacent businesses and communities and providing safe connections for bicycles and pedestrians.

Estimated Schedule for local road access improvements

  • Environmental and Final Design – Spring 2016 to Winter 2016
  • East Sir Francis Drake Construction – Fall 2017  to Spring 2018
  • East Sir Francis Drake Improvements In Operation – Spring 2018

East Sir Francis Drake corridor

  • Add a double right-turn lane configuration onto westbound Sir Francis Drake Boulevard at the intersection of Larkspur Landing Circle West; install more effective and efficient traffic signals.
  • Extend the length of the turn pocket on East Sir Francis Drake Boulevard turning onto Larkspur Landing Circle East to allow more cars to queue.
  • Relocate the existing eastbound lane drop on East Sir Francis Drake Boulevard approximately 1,000 feet to the east to reduce congestion that spills back into the intersection at Larkspur Landing Circle East.
  • Widen the shoulder in the area of the relocated lane reduction to accommodate bicycle traffic.
  • Add a barrier on the westbound off-ramp to Sir Francis Drake Boulevard to create a two-way bicycle track from Andersen Drive to the access point from East Francisco Boulevard.

Bellam Boulevard off-ramp/intersection

  • Widen the northbound U.S. 101 off-ramp to Bellam Boulevard to two lanes, starting in the right curve section.
  • Add a fourth lane on the northbound off-ramp approach to the signal light of the ramp with Bellam Boulevard.
  • Change the lane configuration at the intersection to accommodate through traffic to Eastbound 580 approaching the Richmond Bridge to a.) two left-turn-only lanes, b.) one straight and right lane, and c.) one dedicated right-turn lane.
  • Reconfigure the crosswalk on the west side of the intersection to make it a more direct and shorter crossing.


Funding for Local Access Improvements
TAM plans to primarily use Measure A Bond Reserve for the local access projects, which otherwise has no source of funds.

Project component Estimated costs
East Sir Francis Drake construction: $2.5 million
Bellam Boulevard off-ramp construction: $3.0 million
Project management, environmental clearance, design and construction support: $1.95 million
Total estimated cost: $7.45 million

Funding for 3rd Lane and Bike/Ped Improvements
BATA has budgeted $74 million dollars for the 3rd Eastbound Travel Lane on the Bicycle/Pedestrian connection on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.


Project component Estimated costs
Eastbound, peak-period vehicle lane $37 million
Bicycle/pedestrian path and related improvements $25 million
Planning, environmental review, design $8 million
TOTAL $70 million
i-580 improvement project map


Dan Cherrier
Principal Project Delivery Manager