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Traffic on Highway 1 near Tam Junction.

A collaboration between TAM and Caltrans, this project improves connections for pedestrians and cyclists in a busy area of Mill Valley by closing pedestrian gaps, widening sidewalks and providing bicycle access from Coyote Creek to Almonte Boulevard and Flamingo Road.

The local community has identified the need for bicycle improvements through the TAM Junction (completed 2018). Of particular concern is the high volume of Mill Valley Middle School students riding the wrong way in the shoulder areas of Route 1.

Traffic on Highway 1 near Tam Junction.

The first phase, sponsored TAM, included bicycle, ADA and drainage improvements.

The project constructed Class II bike lanes on both sides of Shoreline from Flamingo Avenue to the existing bike path. Also, the Class II bike lanes were extended to Helen Avenue along Almonte Avenue and now connect to the existing bike lanes. The project included drainage improvements at the Almonte and Shoreline intersection to help improve periodic flooding. Construction is was completed in 2018.

The second phase, sponsored by Caltrans, includes sidewalk improvements to provide a continuous sidewalk from Coyote Creek Bridge to Flamingo Road on the southwest side of State Route 1. Phase 2 is expected to begin in 2019.

Both projects have been closely coordinated between TAM and Caltrans to ensure there are no conflicts between the projects.


Project component Responsibility
Bicycle lanes on Shoreline Highway between Flamingo Road and Coyote Creek and connections to Almonte bike lanes TAM
ADA and drainage improvements at Almonte/Shoreline TAM
Close pedestrian gaps and widen sidewalks on the west and south side of Shoreline Boulevard Caltrans
CMA Planning $48,000
TDA Article 3 $20,000
OBAG (Dec 2012) $175,000
TFCA $80,000
Measure A Safe Pathways $350,000
Total $673,000
almonte planning map