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Agencies around Marin are adding electric vehicles to their fleet and installing or upgrading electric vehicle charging equipment. TAM provides rebates to public agencies to support installation of EV charging infrastructure and replacement of fleet vehicles with clean fuel vehicles.

The Transportation Authority of Marin is here to assist agencies add more electric vehicles including plug-in hybrids to their fleet and installing the right level of charging equipment. By taking advantage of resources and incentives, agencies can simplify the process and save thousands of dollars along the way.


30,000+ plug-in electric vehicles in the Bay Area

50% of California’s electric vehicle purchase rebates are used in the Bay Area

7 out of every 1,000 people in Marin County have an electric vehicle

5,000+ test drives in electric vehicles at Drive Electric events

Looking towards the future

TAM is continually working to identify private, regional, state and federal grant opportunities to enable Marin County’s cities, towns and agencies to maximize installation of publicly accessible EV charging stations.


TAM Initiates Process to Identify Public Agency EV Funding Priorities
Submit proposed EV projects for consideration

Marin County, CA – The Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) is seeking input from public agencies to identify needs related to vehicle fleet electrification and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Public agencies including school districts, water districts, municipalities, emergency services, and other public entities in Marin County are encouraged to submit concepts or proposed projects to TAM. Projects that are compiled will become part of a comprehensive effort by TAM to match them with local, regional, state, and federal funding sources aimed at supporting the transition to Zero (and near Zero) Emission Vehicles. For more information on TAM’s EV Fleet Program and/or to submit a project concept, complete the letter of interest form by April 22, 2022

TAM is soliciting input on a wide range of projects, including early pilot, proof-of-concept demonstrations, as well as advancing proven market-ready EV technologies. Examples include:
● Electrification of medium- to heavy-duty vehicles such as dump trucks, street sweepers, school buses, or shuttles
● Electrification of mission-critical or emergency response vehicles including police and fire vehicles
● Zero-emission motorcycles or E-Bikes
● Fleet charging infrastructure
● Innovative approaches to EV charging

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TAM supports the transition from fossil-fuel-based transportation to more sustainable alternate fuel vehicles. Switching to alternative fuel vehicles such as electric vehicles reduces harmful air pollution levels in our community and decreases greenhouse gas emissions. TAM supports EVs in an effort to create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Please click on the resources below to learn EV tips and incentives as well as the benefits of driving electric for you and your community.

Electric Vehicle Quick Start Guide

Economic Benefits of Electric Vehicles

How Electric Vehicles Can Benefit You

How TAM Supports Electric Vehicles

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EV Fleet Rebate Program: The fleet rebate program was developed to assist public agencies that replace internal combustion engine vehicles with electric (fuel cell and battery) and plug-in hybrid vehicles. View the program details and application here.

TAM’s incentive provides matching funding of up to $5,000 per vehicle, reducing the cost of a new electric vehicle by up to $10,000 when combined with the California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP)

For program details, including the requirements and application process, please read the TAM EV Fleet Rebate Program fact sheet

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Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Grant Program: The EV equipment grant program was developed to assist public agencies that install employee-only or publicly accessible EV charging stations. Program rebates are based on a first-come first-serve basis until funds are depleted. View the program details and application here.

Provides matching funds of 88.25% of the complete installation up to $1,500 for one Level 1 charger (per charging head) or up to $3,000 for one Level 2 charger (per charging head)

For program details, including the requirements and application process, please read the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Grant Program fact sheet



Plug-in electric vehicles and emerging alternative fuels are promising technologies for reducing pollution and helping the region achieve emission reduction targets. As zero-emission and hybrid cars become more popular, and renewable diesel becomes more widely available, we expect increasing adoption of next-generation alternatively fueled vehicles, including electric vehicles (EVs). To help support this trend, TAM has an Electric Vehicle/Alt Fuel Advisory Working Group, and sponsors or co-sponsors Drive Electric educational test drive events throughout the county. We also support two EV programs for public agencies.

TAM has set up a great resource page for all of your agency EV needs.

Visit the EV Toolkit page.